Dear VSC Fans! We are blessed and honoured by the high demand for tickets and the requests to make exceptions and add more party passes/single entry tickets.

Nothing would bring us more joy then to be able to fulfil all of these requests. The problem that we face is that we are reaching the maximum capacity of our location TU Vienna. If the local government in any form conducts an check-up, which is highly likely with an even like this, we will be forced to shut down. I think its safe to assume that none of us would want that to happen.

We have been asked why we will sell a few Full passes and no party passes. It is a very simple answer to that:
We are an International Salsa Congress. We offer international artists, workshops and DJs. In order to finance our event we need to sell passes according to a set ratio to finance artists, flights, venue, DJs, technic, taxes and many more costs. The simple truth is that by granting all these requests, this same financing becomes an issue.

With the limitation in participants of the venue, we had to make a sustainable event calculation to keep VSC alive and its future editions. Therefore a split for workshop tickets and party passes has to be done.
For the last two months we have been sending out notices that there will be a limitation on pass types and no single sales at the door. We want to, but we really are not able to add them.

We realize that you are just one, but be lets honest. If you are asking, so is somebody else. By granting you that single pass/ticket, so should we for the others that ask. An overcrowded dance floor or cherry picking who gets in and who doesn’t isn’t fair to anyone.

We are very sorry to have to say no to you, but we hope you understand why we do so.

Thank you,
Your VSC team.

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