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There is so much to see: From Gothic St. Stephen’s Cathedral to the Imperial Palace to the Art Nouveau splendor of the Secession, from the magnificent baroque palace Schönbrunn to the Museum of Fine Arts to modern architecture at the MuseumsQuartier. Record-breaking: In Vienna, there are over 27 castles and more than 150 palaces. With its unique buildings and the Viennese twinkling charm this city enchants old fans and new visitors alike.

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Vienna’s top Attractions 

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Useful Informations

Language: German
Currency: Euro
Electricity: 230 Volts AC, 50 Hz
Area Codes: +43 (Austria), 01 (Vienna),
Emergency Numbers: Ambulance 144 / Fire 122 / Police 133
Time Zone: Central European Time (GMT+1)
Main Tourist Office: Albertinaplatz

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Public transport

Metro: The subway system consists of 5 lines – U1, U2, U3, U4 and U6. The trains stop at 101 stations along 74.6 km of track. All platforms are equipped with electronic information displays that show the waiting time in addition to the destination. On Friday and Saturday the metro is working 24 hours.
For more info click here:
Wiener Linien

here you can find city maps
Vienna Tourist Information

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Useful phrases

Hello: Hallo
Goodbye: Servus
Please: Bitte
Thank you: Vielen Dank
You’re welcome: Gern geschehen
Yes: Ja
No: Nein
Of course: Natürlich
Excuse me: Entschuldigung
How are you?: Wie geht es dir?
Open: Geöffnet
Closed: Geschlossen
What is your name?: Wie heißt du?
My name is…: Ich heiße…
How much?: Wie teuer ist es?
May I have the bill, please?: Darf ich bitte die Rechnung 

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