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This General Business Agreement (GBA) is subject to change. In cases of disputes, the GBA at the time of the ticket purchase is valid.

1. Organization

The Vienna Salsa Congress is organized by the “Verein zur Förderung lateinamerikanischer Tanzkultur in Österreich”, located in Vienna, Austria.

2. Buying Tickets

Transactions for buying tickets are handled by Paypal. Paypal will keep your financial information private and protected. In case of a bank transfer the buyer bears all fees.

3. Delivery

After ordering tickets on our website a confirmation will be sent via email. After we received your payment we will send you your E-ticket to your email adress. Wristbands etc. can be picked up at the registration desk at the venue by indicating your E-ticket and presenting a personal ID with picture. The organizer reserves the right to collect possible differences between the bill total and the effective received amount in cash at the entrance before handing out the wristband.

Please note that the congress tickets will be in the form of wristbands which must be worn at all times. If you remove or accidentally damage/lose your wristband, you will need to purchase another congress ticket/wristband. Wristbands will not be exchanged.

4. Cancellation policy

Name changes can be performed at any time until 15.11. without charges. No name changes after 15.11. You can resell your pass and change the name of the owner of the pass only ONCE.
Until 30.06. tickets can be cancelled against a cancellation fee of € 40,00. Please note that discounted tickets, special promotions & group tickets are excluded from cancellation.

All advertised performers/instructors have been confirmed prior to publishing all promotional material. Vienna Salsa Congress cannot be held responsible in the event of cancellation by any of the advertised personnel.
We reserve the right to exchange and/or delete artists from our lineup. This doesn’t imply the customers right to cancel tickets.

5. Data protection

The organizers acquire email addresses of their customers through correspondence, at the receipt of forms, through entries on partner search pages as well as through ticket orders. The privacy of the data will be respected and access by third parties is prevented.

6. Security Service

There will be an internal security service during the event. Instructions of the security service personnel and instructions of staff members are to be strictly followed. Otherwise, the organization reserves the right to expel anyone from the venue without any financial compensation.

7. Video recording and photographing at the event

Video recording and photographing of the shows is not allowed. Video recording of workshops is allowed at the end of a workshop if the instructor permits this.

8. Personality rights

All customers agree that the organizing association, his contractors and media representatives will be filming and photographing at the event. With the purchase of his ticket the customer agrees that all above mentioned parties can use all pictures and videos ­ altered or unaltered ­ without compensation for all sort of purposes; explicitly, but not exclusively, for media publications, for publications on the congress website, for promotional purposes, or congress video and dvd.

9. Insurance

Each customer is responsible for his or her insurance issues.

10. Resposibility

Vienna Salsa Congress is not responsible for the content of external websites.

11. Jurisdiction

The customer accepts the jurisdiction of Vienna, Austria.


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