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Reviews 2013

Back to America and still smiling from the Vienna Salsa Congress. I guess dancers already said everything about it, how amazing it was, etc… The parties, the hotel pre-parties (oh yes…), the after-parties, the 7am breakfasts everyday.
Well, to me it was very special to come back to my dear Europe and surprise all the people that I am honored to consider as friends. Thanks also for the ones who surprised me Thank you so much for making this event what it was and sharing that positive love around. My dearest Magyars, Austrians, Slovaks, Romanians, Parisians of course (Paris #1!), and all the other ones. Thanks to the organizers, DJs, dancers (Thanks Jose, Miri and Greg for keeping it all secret!). Thanks for the great new people I met from Somalia to Kazakhstan via Luxembourg!
Last but not least, I am sorry America… I keep on telling you, but you REALLY NEED to step up your salsa game!!! Can’t beat a 7am after-party on Sunday
Jerome from US
I don’t know what to say! Mainly because I am so damn frickin exhausted. Because somebody went and organised a superb first edition salsa congress in the beautiful city or Vienna! Then some guys ( DeeJay Stilo, Sezar, Humphrey Willemzorg andSuperMario) kept me dancing all night for three nights some much so I missed my early flight (slap!) The Sunday night was phenominal (video coming)!!!! Thank youMichael and your fun and jolly efficient team for organising this awesome gathering
Olu from UK
Vienna, it was a blast!
All weekend went by sooo fast!
I can share with you the jist,
that if you weren´t there, you missed!

All started in Floridita,
Where you could meet Beige, Lolita!
Miriam and Fran Ziska too,
the most crazy girls, it´s true!

Next it was a RED-hot night,
`till 6AM`s morning light!
Dancing in the Christmas markt,
And now comes my favourite part:

Ice-skating and drinking punch,
Making memories with a bunch!
Dressing up for the big ball,
With the bestest gowns of all.

But let`s not forget the last,
bad taste party, was the best!
with the MC, singing live,
Sending out an awesome vibe.

Afterparty, Flo again!
So long, many lost their plane!
But who cares? It was our fate,
`Cause this Congress was SOOO Great!
Melitta from Romania
It is really not easy to put into words how I felt this weekend! So much emotions!!! I’m so happy to have such a great event in Vienna and having the chance to be part of it!
Vienna Salsa Congress was just amazing! I’m so glad and proud of the whole organisation team… they did a superb job! A big THANKS toMichael Fx H to take the huge work and risk to realise his idea and the dream of us to have finally a congress in Vienna! Miriam, Christoph,Günther, Fran Ziska, Alex, Robert, Julia, all the volunteers and the whole organisation team! Congratulations!

There were so many special moments: the 7 am breakfasts at my place with Zsuzsanna, Kornél Tóth and Lolita Szabo…. the spanish-learning Xmas market tours with Korke and Judith… to see at the same time so many friends & students from Austria, Hungary and from all over the world… the fabulous music and crazy dance(r)s… the afterparty until 8 am in Floridita Vienna…. and more, and more, and more…. Beautiful experiences and an unforgettable first edition!
Christmas time was always special for me in Vienna, but now I just can’t wait until the weekend of 28.-30. 11. 2014!!!

I wish with this music to everybody who leaves, a nice, save trip back home, and those who need to work, a little moment to rest! Now… after lunch, back to sleep!
Beige from Hungary
Finally after a small rest and coming to a hectic office, I can now post about my experience in Vienna Salsa Congress from the moment this trip began…
1- Best seats on our flights back & forth: Check!
2- Gifts from flight attendants coz they liked us on BOTH flights: Check!
3- Most beautiful city in Western Europe : Check!
4- Nicest, I repeat, NICEST people in Western Europe: Check!
5- Snowed in Vienna : Check!
6- Amazing X-mas Markets & Festive vibes & Decorations: Check!
7- Great food & Breweries: Check!
8- Spot on first timers Organization Team: High Five Team Vienna!
9- Best pre-parties hosted at Chez Laylo&Loca: Check!
10- Best dance parties I have ever enjoyed in a festival: Check!
11- Salsa’ing my life out 6 hrs in a row EVERY night: Check!
12- Cutest Mambo room ever with a fabulous floor: Check!
13- BEST MUSIC EVER by two of my favorite DJ’s Willy & Sezar : Check!
14- Best closing night theme ever – BAD Taste: Check!
15- Hysterical impromptu show on stage where I got to be the weird one: Check!
16- Some people coming out of the closet, as REAL MEN: Check!
17- Smiles all over people’s faces 24/7: Check Check CHECK!!!
18- Praying on1 & on2: Check (Allahu Akbar!)
19- Quality time with new & old friends we don’t get to see much: Check!
20- Hysterical Photos I’m scared to see: Check!
21- Crazy chick having a B*Flip at hotel reception(so entertaining): Check!
22- Invading Rachid’s E-Cigarette (all of us invading): Check!

And finally, I have one thing to say, this experience has been so good only those who attended know exactly what I’m talking about. This weekend was so surreal. I have been to so many festivals & events & concerts & trips and done so much in my life, good decisions, bad decisions, you name it, but, nobody will ever understand what Salsa really does to our heart, and only those who experience it know what I mean. When you are on that dance floor, and I am talking about REAL dancers at heart, and those conga beats take control of you, that is the best trance in the whole wide world. Que Viva la Salsa y Viva Vienna! Love you all.
Sarah from Dubai
Wow! What a bright flash was that?!
– VSC!!!
First nap after a long flight and endless parties… I cannot stop
thinking about this amazing event and the people who surrounded me…Big kiss and thanks to all of you, my friends!!! When we dancing salsa world became so small, that you can reach Honolulu Hawaii, just in a several melodies!))) trying to understand what was better pre- party or parties I cannot find the answer! but Exactly,the whole atmosphere was fantastic! Awesome Vienna in Christmas lights, friendly people! Great dancers and music!!! And unforgettable parties! Michael and your team, guys you are doing a great job!!! Vienna will always be in my heart! thanks to all of you! Hope to see you soon!
Darya from Kazakhstan
I would like to join for those who said a big thank for this fantastic weekend. Now I can confess that this was my first congress abroad when I participated as a guest DJ, not only as a dancer. I’d like to thank for DJ Greg as he thougt about me for this work and Michael Fx H who made this possible. I hope all of you in the Sensual Room had a great time with me. Thank You DJ-Muxima Slovakia, Deej Lindt. Great job. Many thanks for the Hungarian people and DJ Line up who came with me for this event.
Attila from Hungary
Before getting to Vienna, a salsa event happened somewhere where an UBUNTU surfaced… I mean it should be remembered that the success is not by attaining financial targets or fame.. but by delivering the best patent that all parties (artists, instructors, performers, DJs and participants alike) are satisified indefinitely. Those parties must also be protected from organizers who gain the people’s trust but fails to deliver and/or have transparency issues (scammers). its people’s livelihood at stake… this is a gentle reminder for successful organizers as well as a business case study for those who wish to do a festival…

On a very brighter side, Vienna Salsa Congress is one of the very few congresses that i have witness where people were actually smiling throughout the weekend… either they were content… or the happy mood pills must have kicked in LOOOOL!!! The artist line up was a perfect start for the congress… God bless the DJs as they have delivered us tunes that are still hummed by some of the dancers as we speak… the venue was perfect for a dance event from the cuban room to the sensual room all the way up to the mambo room… managed to take workshops on the last day with Sean B & Grupo Alafia… Epic pre parties all the way during Saturday and Sunday along with the Big Brother Crew and Artis Hotel crew LOL!

In short, Vienna Salsa Congress was a success story with guaranteed future sequels… and i’ll do my best to show up again… big thanks to Michael & the rest of the organizing team.. great memorable times with all my dear friends (new and old)… and even had the most memorable dances with amazing salseras ;)) Wish i could tag everyone here….

Photos of the congress will be up in real soon… the first will the pre-parties… and it contains stunts thats bin trending since last year… FLAT FACE :)))

Vienna… this city is incredible and like Schwartznegger said… I’LL BE BACK :)))
Musti from Abu Dhabi
has had an absolutely fantabulous weekend at the Vienna Salsa Congress – had some of the best most interesting, creative, musical, fun dances I’ve ever had in my life – special mention goes to Hitesh Salsawala, Srini Varadharajan Korkeyjudith España, Axe Dance All,Wesley Small, Benyahia Charaf, Shems Eddine Sanaa, Steven Abbiwn a couple of names i can’t remember (you know who you are as I had a massive smile on my face the whole way through :-D)

Many many thanks to the fab DJs: DJ Humphrey Willemzorg,SuperMario London and Shems for providing such great music-my throat is actually sore from singing my lil heart out! somehow need to recover my voice for my gig manana

A big shout also goes to the gelatto wombat crew for making the weekend exceedingly enjoyable and entertaining – Chip McClure, Shems, Hitesh, Steven, Maggie Brukało, Paula Jurvanen, Charaf andKarina Collymore:-) ba-na-na?

Zzz bedtime now – happy dancing dreams to follow
Melissa from UK
After all my happy moments at Vienna Salsa Congress 2013, showing that a first time event can be so perfectly organised and leaving everyone back with a smile on their faces, I feel very sorry that a lot of people had to experience the opposite in Madrid!
I am missing the words to describe how shocked i am how disrespectful an organiser can treat both artist and attendees! I’m disgusted!
If you guys wanna know what happened, just follow the event/group postings of various artists & attendees:

Me personally I wanna thank all organisators that do a great job bringing us well-organised and memorable events over and over again.
No matter if long established or new events, it is possible to do a good job and examples prove it.
We don’t ask for perfection, but we can ask for fulfilling what we were promised!

I will continue supporting & promoting those, that deserve it!
Sabrina from Austria
Vienna Salsa Congress – it was The Best Floor Ever. I mean it, my legs were so happy. Want back.
Diana from Russia
Amazing weekend in Vienna! All the warm words were said before me, but thank you all who was there and created that grate atmosphere of warmth, love, joy and special thanks to DJs the music will stay with me for a while:). Already waiting for the next year.
Edita from Lithuania
What a fantastic weekend! I had a fantastic time and was greatly impressed by the organization, the parties, the friendliness and, well, everything! Now I am in the delightful dilemma of having yet another salsa festival that I wish to return to every year! Thanks guys!
Steven from US
After all these great and honest comments about the Vienna Salsa Congress there is not much more to say but I still want to mention a few things.
Great job done by Michael Fx H, Julia, Franco, Iris, Miriam, Fran Ziska, Nina, Thomas and the rest of the team for putting together a line-up of professional, commited and humble artists for this amazing festival.
Also for giving us the opportunity to make a guided tour through beautiful Vienna.
I now can add VSC to my list of most favourite congresses. The preparty in our hotel on sunday was crazy and I realy enjoyed the act with Dj Sezar at the end of the party.
Thank you my fellow deejays for the great teamwork and the smooth switches.

Lots of love and a big hug for you all!
Humphrey from Netherlands
I am not going to repeat what others from big salsa family already wrote here… just “agree” and BIG “THANK YOU” VSC crew!!! Wish November 2014 is tomorrow….
Zlatka from Slovakia
Wow – what a finale! Sunday night at VSC rocked! Music was irresistible, atmosphere electric and just when we thought it couldn’t get any better there came an afterparty! Well done to all involved! It’s a measure of a great congress when we’d rather dance till the end and sleep all day than see all that the hosting city has to offer! Will be back!
Eva from Poland
The Vienna Salsa Congress was a blast, and the City is a beautiful. Great jobMichael Fx H and your team for your first edition . Nice to see many Friends and meet new ones, thanks for your energy and the amazing pre-party . Hope to see you all soon Miriam Weber, Sean Babatunde, Svick Ns, Iryna Shemyakina, Darya Bazanova, Julia Veretennikova, Luxamir Amir, Hisch Mambo, Jérôme El B, José Mambojunky, Danay Bustamante, Isabel Barrachina Le Cuziat, M Mustafa Omar, Yuval, Jan Mehrsogined, Ruel Holderegger, Naji Ji, Olu Olu, Malik Malík, Oli Olì,Ronnie Voelsing, Anna Tropmann, Valéry Jacques Salsa, Sezar Duran, Maggie Brukało, Benyahia Charaf, Winita Tang ….and many more
Sabrina from France
Michael Fx H & VSC-Team, THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for the great VIENNA SALSA CONGRESS!!!! Such a great atmosphere, unforgettable shows, crazy parties and really amazing workshops with amazing dancers!!!!! The top cuban instructors Solangel Fernandez, Yeni Molinet, Jorge Arrebato Camagüey, Yoannis Tamayo, Alberto Valdés, Andria Panayi teached us great stuff and inject the cuban fans with hugh dance-power and inspiration – THANK YOU!!! GRACIAS!!!!
Blaga from Austria
I was really really and awesome congress! I still cannot wake up from the dream that it was! I will cherish these dancing memories and funny moments with all you guys and girls forever! Thank you for all the organizers who made all this weekend possible! You are a special team, and wish you all the greatest success in all the future events! VSC RUUUULZ:)
Melitta from Romania
I have officially died. Thank you Vienna salsa congress, DJ Sezar, DJ Willie and all my friends for killing me. Hope to do it again next year!
Sjur from Norway
Amazing salsa congress, i love it. Can’t get enough, sunday will be awesome. Great job by the organizers, the congress feels like its been going on for many years
Orlan from US
Great congress Michael & team! You deserve all those accolades. It’s a shame I couldn’t do the Sunday party but won’t make the same mistake next year!
Shingi from UK
After 3 days and nights of extreme fun, we are happy to announce the birth ofVienna Salsa Congress ! Please join us to congratulate : Michael & Julia for this lovely event ! Please don’t forget our 3 Dr beats : Humphrey aka DJ Willy , Sezar,DeeJay Stilo and their trainee SuperMario for relaying each other behind decks during the whole week-end and insure a perfect delivery ! You are already invited to blow its first candle ! Save the date in your agenda People ! November : 28-30, 2014 !
Oli from Belgium
Finally in Kiev! have had a great trip throw Budapest)))
I come alone in Vienna, but I didnt feel myself alone. As a part of funny Staff-company I was afrade at first, but from the first minute I feel myself as in a good family!!!
It was my first abroad Salsa Festival, I was so exited for instructors, I wished to have 10 legs more for being on every workshop, explosive charisma of everyone caused us to wake up in the morning and to go on every phantastic workshops.

Unfortunally I oversleeped the last party, I want to say GREAT THANK YOU to Michael Fx H and Julia!!!!
I want also to say everybody to add me to FB friends, Im trying to find everyone)))
See you on the dandcefloor
ViennaSalsascongress Vsc!!!!!! I want it million times more !!!!!
greetings from Ukraine)
Alla from Ukraine
Here we are. after a deserved rest I thought about what I would have missed if I attended Madrid “LOL” event and not this Amazing, Fabulous ViennaSalsascongress.
I would have missed wonderful dances, perfect dance-floor, greet DJs sets, a Beautiful city specially with Xmas lights, a chance to play in an international event, unforgettable preparties, funny moment with crazy and lovely people, as perfect organisation we can expect for a FIRST edition (If we don’t know it’s the first one we would never believe it)…

THANK YOU to Michael and his crew for organizing a such event beyond all expectations, my Roommates for the lovely moments we had, all the dancers and djs for keeping me on the dance-floor despite the pain in my feet, the preparties organizers for the craziness shared, the photographers for catching the wonderful souvenirs and all my friend for being part of this weekend.

Can’t wait till the next stop and really looking forward to the 2nd editon of VSC it will be a blast
Shems from Tunisia
After all the last weekend We heard sad news about another international salsa congress deceiving artists and their professionality,
….attendents and their faith and love….

Well now we want to talk about a totally different story!

It is a double pleasure to talk about Vienna Salsa Congress!!!
Really an high quality event!!!
full of love, passion and fun.
A perfect organization, in a beautiful venue and a beautiful town…
We saw everybody smiling and sharing passion for three crazy days and night.
Thank you Michael Fx H and all the VSC team! Yfou guys did a wonderful job!!!!
We are really proud and happy to have been part of it!!!…
Marcello from Italy
You missed Vienna Salsacongress 2013 ?! Check it out yourself what you missed ! Little impression of crazy sunday party after SuperMario London took over the DJ booth to give us just the perfect music. Then followed by the DJ dreamteam DJSezar Duran and DJ Willy Humphrey Willemzorg, giving us a perfect set all dancers are dreaming of, which then ended up in the following events:
22:30..Finally home ! Left the Vienna apartment at 14:30, how can Manchester to Vienna be so difficult ? Aaargh! Anyway… as everyone else has already blogged the awesome’ness of this festival to death, there is not much for little ol’ me to add. If the first edition was this good I can’t wait to come back next year! Michael + VSC team you did Vienna proud! A special thanks to the Big Brother Crew for making the non salsa side of the weekend such a memorable one (even the crazy naggy one…. yes you know who you are ! :P)
Malik from UK
Joining the many happy (and tired ;)) faces of the return journey fromViennaSalsascongress Vsc and sending the VSC crew a big hug: you guys Michael Fx H & Julia Tomasekova, Miriam Weber, Fran Ziska, Alex Salsa Vienna, and the entire VSC crew, including those who were in the shadow You all made our Saint Nicholas week-end a magical one. The kick off edition of VSC was amazing, the venue – a top ballroom under the dome terrific, perfect sound, great connections, top ambiance and God knows what music…ahhhhh!!! Willy Humphrey Willemzorg &Sezar Duran: BIG LOVE, CARE & RESPECT for your entire work and for what you let me feel on the dance floor, congress after congress. And also. A big applause for my Huns, DeeJay Stilo & Gergely Kereszturi who’s vibes enchanted the VSC nights on the mambo floor! Supermario Salsa making the after-party hour a one to remember. And last but not least all my friends: thank you for reminding me that I should be amongst you even more often. :)) After a long “pause”, it was time to put my high heels on and dance, dance, dance and share awesome moments with you. I promise I will be around soon. And for Vienna: in a year, BE THERE! I WILL!
Lolita from Hungary
Vienna Salsa Congress – a star is born :)))) Loved the dances, loved the talks, loved the epic pre parties Big Brother Style and the the 4th floor hall dj-ing! Time to get more than 3 hours off sleep but I will be dreaming of you..
Kristina from Slovenija
An anomaly occurred in Paris in December.
The sun is shining.
Back home after a long weekend in Vienna Salsa Congress.
For a first, edition, it is a total success.
Very good job Michael Fx H.
Super location, very good organization.
Thanks for the welcome.
Super good sound of the two shady caracters Humphrey and Sezar, u made my parties .
Rendez-vous, next year.
And finally, happy to know new faces, the Arabs praying on 2, Sara, Layelle, M Mustafa .
And the Romanian team, Carmen, Andreea.
And a special thanks to Franco.
And finally thanks to my good company
Rachid from France
Vienna salsa congress was simply amazing. After a great time at this wonderful event, I can easily rate this as one of my favourite festivals. A big well done toMichael Fx H and your team.
Sean from UK
Okey….!!! I feel I have to input this…. (ViennaSalsascongress Vsc)
As am travelling to many festivals and work with different people and see various dedications and intentions as well….. I’m constantly careful of writing to many superlatives…… this very much because what you write down can and usually will be read and felt differently of what you want to tell…. some take it personally that you might indirectly hiding a message there…….. that you are supporting more others and not their…..
This as DJ’ing and being a part of the crew working for the Org. and their team, this is something I feel I can say we are many times aware of and some bust out and writes without thinking the choices of the words, some others remain more political silence and absent any comments…… my opinion is that people shouldn’t be any any any time judged or looked at because of expressing feelings some places and not on others…. with a duck face selfie or not…….. Facebook is Facebook…

So I break it down simple and easy…. straight from my

It was the first edition
My best lovely time as Dj ever (especially on that wicked Sunday party…)
Humphrey Willemzorg
Vienna I love you
I’m coming back next year…. Luckily Org. wants me back 2014 … (but if not I would be there again anyway next year….)
Sezar from Norway
Wow, what a weekend!!VSC DEFINITELY ROCKED!!!!
For those that missed it – your fault!

By finishing the festival today in the morning in Floridita, all returned to where it started on thursday night with an already great preparty. Inbetween two days of great workshops, stunning performances, amazing parties in the unique ambiance of the technical university of Vienna, summitting in a damn crazy and wicked sunday party (best party EVER!) with still several hundred of people.
No party without music and no music without DJs: DJ Greg, DeeJay Stilo, Aurel Rusu Urri, DJ Supermario Salsa, DJ Jorge “El Agresivo”, Shems Eddine Sanaa you did an incredible job by playing continuously one great track after another by diving into all possible facets of crossbody music, and of course the black-curly-haired kings of the early monday-hours DJ Sezar Duran and DJ Willy – NL!!
The number of people attending a sunday party is in my opinion a good measure for the number of the craziest of the craziest people attending a congress who are often pillars of local salsa communities and very important for each festival and therefore it is also a measure of quality, because those people are not seldom f****** good dancers!!

Michael Fx H, you did an excellent job and you had/chose the right people behind you Julia Tomasekova, Miriam Weber, Fran Ziska, Christoph Hipf Hopf, Franco Sparfeld, Iris…
Alltogether you created an event in a unique location with a familiar atmosphere, the right number of people, etc etc.
All the effort and work for this years congress set the basement for successful editions of VSC in the following years!
Patrick from Austria
getting back to Normality after a beautiful and da boooommmbbb week-ender in VIENNA!!
Special and warm thanks to Michael & Julia and their lovely team for all their efforts in putting together such a great event full of nice and smiley people, great atmosphere, killing Music and genuine surprises!!
Thanks also for showing us your beautiful A+++ city that can be a model in its transportation system! easy-to-use checking in Wien Mitte to head to the airport, beautiful X-Mas market and your special chilly freezing cold:-))
An implied wink to all my pre & after & la8er homies for all the hilarious and precious moments!! You guys rock!!!

For me, a new Salsa city star is born!!! You guys raised the bar very high for BSC &Franco in Viennese style:)

VIENNA We were there and We will be there again!
Noah from France
WOW… What a weekend! I´m glad I was part of it. Thanks to Michael Fx H, Julia Tomasekova, Fran Ziska, Miriam Weber, Beige Zsuzsanna Bojte and Robert Salsa Consul for such a good organization and hospitality. Vienna is a beautiful city and it was a great congress that I will definitely attend next year again.
I´m at home now without sleeping but still dancing to the last 2 salsa songs of the Sunday party “Okairí, okairá” and “Arrepiéntete” from SuperMario, Sezar Duran and DJ Willy (Humphrey Willemzorg)… guys… you killed us. AMAZING! I couldn´t breathe after this songs. Lol
Thanks to all the great dancers and people I met this weekend, and to those who came all the way far from USA and Canada (Jérôme El B and Wesley Small) and many, many others abroad.
See you all soon and lets keep SALSA alive!!!
Danay from Germany
Comatose in my onesie in the hostel reception having been kicked out of our room by a grumpy cleaner after 2hrs sleep – gonna be a looooong day… but OH! What a night! Humphrey Willemzorg and Sezar Duran, with an awesome cameo fromSuperMario, gave us a dream night of music – I was flying from 1am to 7am and the afterparty set was IMMENSE. To the DJs, to all the guys and girls that I danced with, to Michael Fx H & Julia Tomasekova and their whole team, and to the Wombat Crew – muchas gracias mis amigos
Chip from UK
Vienna Salsa Congress: I just have to add some praise! Not only very well done for dancers, performers and Salsa/Kizomba Lovers, Michael Fx H and team:-) but also we Austrians can now be proud to have such an international and superb event in our Capital City! And last but least we all enjoyed ourselves greatly: good location, excellent music and dancers, fantastic atmosphere, etc. etc.
Hands up those who also had a great time, I DEFINETELY had one! (Big thank you to all my national and international friends!)
Angela from Austria
Finally back to Split from Vienna Salsacongress!
Definitively the best rookie festival of the season!
First year and already 800 people in the perfect venue, lights, sounds, floor, great atmosphere – everything what we need to come back again
Thanks Michael Fx H and Franco Sparfeld for all help in promotion of our New Year’s Eve event Salsa Silvester! Thanks Humphrey Willemzorg for some of the best mambo tunes I ever heard!
Thanks to our official promotors who helped there: Zsusana Beige Zsuzsanna Bojte, ozy shyne, Adnan Harmandic, Melitta Minescu, Petra Odar
To show how much I’m under impression (I got nice kick in the ass for doing our event better and better):
I promise we’ll organize an ICE SKATING ON THE BEACH day before NYE!!!!
Kizomba pool party confirmed.
ACTUALY; I’m writting the whole new program!!!
(instructors don’t worry – all confirmed
See you at the beach!!!!

Miljen from Croatia
It is never late to thank for a great event We are still recovering from Vienna Salsa Congress, that is why I couldn’t write earlier We came back to Turkey with a lot of good memories. It was really hard to tell that this was the first edition of VSC, everything was well organized, well thought and all I saw was happy faces during the festival With the help of master Franco Sparfeld and Iris Iepurash,Michael Fx H organized an incredible event that people will talk about for a long time. Thanks to all the crew, Fran Ziska, Miriam, especially Julia Tomasekova for being so kind and helpful. I can’t tell a better party than we had on Sunday.SuperMario, Sezar Duran, Humphrey Willemzorg made it unforgettable Christmas market event was very enjoyable. Dancing in the cold should a new theme in every festival Thanks to all photographers for taking great photos. Thanks toValentin Behringer for being so positive and patient about us, it was an experience that we will never forget Of course it is always great to see our Turkish friends with us, Tolgar Sasmaz, Gamze Alptekin, Buşra Aracı, Kutsal Zeren, Ayhan Demir, the festival was way better with you guys I can definitely say, VSC will definitely be one of the most prestigious events in the future, you already missed much so don’t miss VSC 2014!

Erkin from Turkey
Had a fab time at Vienna Congress great dj’s, had lots of fun dances with old and new. The last after party put a smile in my face (even now), a beautiful city and mulled wine everywhere! So glad I got to know the wombat peeps it was pleasure to be in your company. Highlight for me was getting stuck in my dress and a wombat crew member having to yank it off me lol! Good times, sore legs, happy face.
Woop woop!!! What an awesome congress and Vienna is such a beautiful city! Now back to London after the crazy sunday party that was off the chain! SuperMario you rocked and Nakisa you made me laugh so so so much! Dreaming of those austrian pastries right now! Time to sleep! I’ll see you all at Bar salsa tonight!
Elise from UK
happy, sleepless and speechless…
simply thank all of u for an amazing weekend at Vienna Salsa Congress

Lucia from Slovakia
Hi friends,
already one week ago of Vienna Salsa Congress 2013 and was a big happy family reunion. Michael Fx H, his crew and the support behind the scene have made the first edition of VSC 2013 a successful congress. Congratulation Michael Fx H and is definitely worth for repeating.
The Venue-Tu Wien is the place to be in the heart of beautiful Vienna and easily accessible by public transport.
The DJ’s have played excellent music for all of us as hardcore salsa, bachata, kizomba etc. and kept us on the dance floor all night long.
The afterparty at Floridita with DJ Humphrey Willemzorg and Sezar Duran for the diehards was of the hook and kept us on the dance floor until 7.00 in the morning.
A few key points such as www.tuwien.ac.at, Christmas market on Karlsplatz, the beautiful city center of Vienna, nicely decorated with Christmas, www.floridita.at, and so on.
We all and social dancers made the first edition of VSC 2013 a great success.
Salsa it’s a magic word and unites the world and brings people together.
A big huge and thanks for the dance………………. Miriam Weber, Fran Ziska.
Make sure to be there at VSC 2014.
Ronnie from Netherlands
so… my shot at the oscar accepting speech:))) for this amazing weekend filled with awesome moments and lots of laughter and fun… huge thanks to: Michael Fx H,Miriam Weber and the whole team for putting it all together and ensuring the smooth run of the first edition;
Shems Eddine Sanaa – for the great music at the pre-party – that was a proper way to kick off the weekend;
Inaki – for the support, interesting conversations and being there;
Darya, Hisch Mambo, Layelle, Sara Loca, M Mustafa and your mysterious roommate- guardian of the last coke bottle – for being awesome, crazy and fun neighbours;
my roommie Svick Ns – for not snoring and for good pre-party music;
Sabrina – for all the fun i have when you are around:) and the french lessons of course
Sean… for your irresistible smile and just being the way you are:))
Julia – welcome to the family:) i’m sorry to say… but now you are stuck with us:)))
Galina – you’ve gotta be there next year (and just to get an extra like from you )
Benyahia Charaf and many many others – for all the awesome dances
Luxamir Amir and João Da Costa… – for the slow motion videos
Jérôme El B – that was a pleasure meeting you… we’ll continue interrogations next year i hope:)
and to everyone who was part of it sharing their positive energy and smiles:)) see you next year at Vienna Salsa Congress

Iryna from Cyprus

And many more,….

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